Sex Education

One parent refuses to talk about sex. The other parent buys their child gay porn DVDs.

Revisiting the explicit films his dad bought him at fourteen, Harry Clayton-Wright explores the ways in which we learn about sex and how that shapes us later in life.

5 October 2015, Bootleg Social, Blackpool


30th/31st May 2017, The Marlborough Pub and Theatre, Brighton

Extra date added: 4 June, 2017.

Winner of the Out in Brighton LGBTQ Brighton Fringe Award.

2nd June 2017, Shoreditch Town Hall, London


“Genius” – Cosmopolitan
“Absolutely incredible” – BuzzFeed
“Deranged manic gay bloke” – The Mirror

Directed by Brian Lobel, produced by David Sheppeard, production design and choreography by Leah Shelton. Supported by the Marlborough Pub and Theatre, Shoreditch Town Hall and using public funding by Arts Council England.