Harry Clayton-Wright is an entertainer, performance artist, international mischief maker and internet provocateur from Blackpool. Growing up in a town ubiquitous with traditional show business, and trashy gay bars, has left stains that simply won’t wash out. Harry’s work spans genre and taste levels, dipping his toes into the worlds of cabaret, theatre, live art and exhibitionism.

You may have seen Harry on the Internet. You may have seen quite a lot of Harry on the Internet. His videos have had over 2.5 million views online and he has garnered a cult digital following for his unique, sex positive and visually arresting output. He has recently joined the internationally acclaimed BRIEFS and also created his first full length solo theatre show, Sex Education, which won a Brighton Fringe Award in June 2017.

Here’s what people have said about Harry.

“Genius” – Cosmopolitan

“Deranged manic gay bloke” – The Mirror

“Absolutely incredible” – Buzzfeed